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"For four summers, Power Source has custom designed elite speed, strength, mass, and power workouts to match my sport-specific needs.

No other strength & conditioning coach has a better program, or a better price." 

Stevie Moses
(Professional hockey player)


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"Spend 5 Weeks With Us
And Raise Your Game Forever"



Athletes know that in nearly every sport, speed, agility and power are coveted by coaches and scouts at all levels.

Sports science has shown us that the old beliefs about not being able to develop speed simply aren't true.

What is true, however, is that getting faster is not a simple process.

And it definitely doesn't happen overnight.

But for those who truly want to improve and succeed, there is a proven way to make yourself faster.

Guaranteed Satisfaction!

We are committed to guiding passionate, committed kids to become the most complete athlete they can be.

Speed, strength and power are critical pieces of developing that complete package.

And after 10+ years of running speed programs, we are confident that our latest 5 Week Speed & Strength Academy will make a positive impact on your career.

That's why we can guarantee that you will get more out of spending 5 weeks with us than any other similar program.


Get The Full Spectrum of
Speed & Power Training All
In One Program

Sports training and human development experts like Paul Chek, Shirley Sahrmann and others have shown that it takes about 300 hours of perfect practice to be able to perform a movement skill properly on a consistent basis.

And that is assuming you have not already developed bad habits over the years, in which case it takes the average athlete 3,000-5,000 of perfect practice to undo the bad habit.

It makes a lot of sense to master excellent movement and power technique early on, before bad habits make it much harder for you to reach your ultimate goals.

We work hard on the most critical movement and power techniques to ensure that you are much closer to 300 hours away from perfection, and not 3,000.


In our 5 Week Speed & Strength Academy, we focus heavily on teaching:


The 4 most critical aspects of sprint technique.


The most powerful cutting technique you'll ever need to accelerate out of your cuts.


A range of defensive footwork skills to help you lock down even the best offensive players in your league.


Invaluable Olympic Lifting techniques that college & pro teams use heavily, but typically get misused at the high school level.


Lightning fast 1st step quickness strategies to help you make more plays than ever before.


Critical injury prevention tips that will lower your risk of non-contact injuries while also enhancing your agility.


Safe and effective plyometric and core strength exercises that further add to your speed and power gains.



'I was very pleased with my son's enthusiasm for the program right from the first moment. The coaching was positive and individualized, and workouts were informative, but most importantly for a young athlete, fun.

My son received a lot of insightful feedback on his athleticism and his mindset toward physical endeavors. He felt appropriately challenged physically and mentally, and finished the program with the confidence and desire to continue conditioning work on his own. I frequently catch him teaching the games he learned at Power Source to his friends because he had such a great time.'

Carrie Duff
Parent of youth football player


'For field and court sports, this was a great program. Teams do not seem to put enough time into conditioning and the basics of speed and agility. If participants put in a good effort during this class, they will gain both fitness and a better understanding of how to move quickly..

My daughter has never been a big fan of running, but found the clinic very enjoyable and gave her a taste of a type of exercise that she has not been that familiar with.'

Sarah Mahan
Parent of youth swimmer



Times for our January 2014 Speed & Strength Academy:

SESSION 1 - 8:00 - 9:00 PM

Wednesday, January 8

Monday, Jan 13 & Wed, Jan 15

Mon, Jan 20 & Wed, Jan 22

Mon, Jan 27 & Wed, Jan 29

Mon, Feb 3 & Wed, Feb 5

Monday, February 10


SESSION 2 - To Be Determined


Value-Packed Training Sessions

Power Source is committed to giving you the greatest value and experience possible from each and every training session. high-school-agility-drill

On top of the skills you'll develop, you can also expect all of the following from every one of our sessions:

bulletpointComplete warm-ups that fully prepare you to train at your best both mentally and physically while minimizing your injury risk during training.


bulletpointEnergizing team games and partner challenges to add more fun to the sessions, which also build on all of the technical tips you will receive.


bulletpointFriendly and positive coaches who encourage you to break out of your comfort zone and reach new heights.


By blending our best speed and agility strategies with advanced strength coaching we have created our most information-packed academy in our program's history.

But because of the high level of instruction necessary, we are only taking 8 determined, hard-working athletes per session.

And for those who know they want to work with us this January, we'll give you a full $50 discount for enrolling by December 31st.

$179 $129 thru Dec 31st


enroll now


Our Risk-Free Guarantee!

Power Source has been training athletes since 1998. We know what it takes to help them develop properly, and believe without a doubt that our speed clinics will not just meet, but exceed your expectations.

money-back guarantee

That is why we offer a 100% money-back guarantee for anyone who attends one of our academies and feels we have not delivered everything you expected from us.

That's how strongly we believe that our programs can help you.

We are not promising overnight success - as some programs may do - because that is simply dishonest.

Speed, agility and quickness development is a long-term process. It is something you will have to commit to over time if you really want to achieve lasting success.

But that's why it is such a rare and valued skill.

It is not easy to achieve, and very few have what it takes to stick it out until they get there.

What we can promise is that we will show you the absolute best way there is to develop your movement skills, no matter what your age or sport.


'Our expectations for this program were exceeded. This was the first training of this type that my daughter has been a part of. Jim did a great job of explaining the purpose of each drill and exercise and made the sessions fun and interactive which kept her interested and engaged the entire time.

She now has a better understanding of explosive starts and fast stops and has already been able to incorporate this into her goalkeeping training and in games. This was just what she needed to take her game to the next level.

I would recommend this program to anyone that is interested. There was a great mix of ages and a great split of boys and girls that attended the program. The price was reasonable and the location was great.'

Brian Murphy
Parent of youth soccer player


Speed Is The #1 Most Coveted Skill By Coaches And Scouts

It is worth repeating, because having it will truly can take your game to an elite level.

But it takes time.

And effort.

And focus.

And yes, it can be developed.

If you are willing to do what it takes to succeed, Power Source will teach you how to maximize your speed potential.


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Our coaching staff is certified by:

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Phone: 978.798.1391 – E-Mail: jim@powersourcetraining.com

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